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We create an all around experience for your business

Are you running enterprise software that's unappealing? 
We want to enhance the user experience and enable your business to be more efficient.


Solutions you can trust

We take pride in delivering quality end products. We want you to focus on your business and leave the technology to us. Whether you are looking for a new solution or enhancing an existing one, we can help.

Discovery & Strategy

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your solution meets your needs. Following standards we assure that your finished product is suitable for all devices.


Over 17 years in the Oracle PeopleSoft enterprise, Blackrock Code has the development and integration expertise you're looking for.


Whether it be a long or short term development goal, lets get started and provide your business the necessary technology it needs to continue its success.

App Development

If you're looking to create/expand your presence into the mobile space, Blackrock Code Solutions will work with you and develop a quality product to meet your goals.


Let’s build great things together

Your business runs 24/7 and we build the platform to co-exist within your ecosystem. 


Web Services


Self Service Products


Performance Gain


Let your mind explore

If you can imagine it, we can build it. Our vision is to enhance the enterprise space by providing a simplified platform users embrace.

More Immersive

Utilizing native UI we create a more intuitive design so users can focus on the task that’s important.

Increased Performance

By separating the data from presentation layer it allows for greater speed when receiving and sending information


Branding and enhancing the user experience without increasing TCO within your enterprise application

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Extending your enterprise so you can focus on your business

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