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Version 1.6

Are you in the service industry? This may be the app for you. Tip Bucket allows you to track your daily tips along with the number of hours you worked so you can stay up to date with the details that are important, your tips and your hours! No more writing your tips down on a napkin! All your data is stored on your phone so ONLY YOU know how much you make!

  • Backup & Restore Tip Bucket Data
  • Enter your hours worked so you can audit your timecard (Clock In / Clock Out)
  • Totals your tips and hours by Year, Month, Week and Pay Period
  • Allows tip tracking if you work multiple jobs
  • Export and email your Tip Bucket data!
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.

Track your tips and hours for the month with an easy to use interface.

View your tips and hours totals neatly organized by month.

Add multiple jobs if you are working towards early retirement.

Ever since I started using the Tip Bucket app on my iPhone I have the information I need to ensure my hours are correct..

- Tiffany

Easy to use and it only takes seconds to enter the tips I made for the day.

- Mike

I used to find a piece of paper and then track my tips that way, but now I use the Tip Bucket and its soooo much easier.

- Misty
Where can I get support?

If you encounter any issues while using the tip bucket app we want to know! You may contact us by clicking on the contact tab and using the contact form or email us at

Do you have a suggestion?

Have you been using the tip bucket app and have a suggestion for our devlopment team? Feel free to contact us we welcome the ideas!

When will bugs be resolved?

Please refer to the release notes tab for the latest tip bucket updates. You can also contact us using the contact form.

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Tip Bucket 1.6

Released On 07.20.2012
This release of Tip Bucket delivers features requested by the Tip Bucket community.

The following enhancements have been added in this latest release:
    1. Default Clock In and Clock Out Times
    2. Improved Mulitple Jobs reporting
    3. View Totals by Pay Period (** You must setup your pay calendars otherwise you will see !Invalid)
    4. Hourly Rate Calcuation
    5. Tip Percentage Calcution (Based on Total Sales)
    6. Added Sales Amount to Tip Entry screen
    7. Added Tip Out and Sales Amounts to display
    8. Added configuration based display for Tip Out and Sales Amounts
    9. Ability to backup and restore Tip Bucket data
    10. Send in app feedback

** Setup Pay Calendar Instructions below

To View Pay Period Totals for a job you must first setup the pay period for each year/job you have data.
    1. Navigate to My Jobs
    2. Select the job you wish to setup a pay period
    3. Scroll down and click "Add Pay Calendar"

From the Create Pay Calendar page fill out all the options:
    1. Frequency (Pay Frequency - Bi-Weekly or Weekly)
    2. Calendar Year (The year you wish to view data for)
    3. Year Start Date (First pay period of the year, e.g. for 2012 start date could be Dec. 19, 2011)
    4. # of Pay Periods(This is usually 26 but some years have 27)
    5. Click "Create Pay Calendar" and Voila!

Any further questions, please feel free to email info@branderp.com

Tip Bucket 1.5.4

Released On 06.24.2011
This release will address a saving issue and allow users to export and email their Tip Bucket data in CSV format.

If you have been experiencing saving issues, please download this update and try again or email your results to info@branderp.com so we can assist in resolving any saving issues you may be experiencing.

Tip Bucket 1.5.3

Released On 05.05.2011
This release will address several issues.

There have been reports about the Yearly, Monthly and Weekly totals pages again. We have created a 'View / Fix Errors' screen that will identify data errors.

There is an issue with the date field stored in the database. To correct this, navigate to the 'Totals' tab then click on 'View / Fix Errors'. If you see any rows you must go into each row identified and change the date field then save. After all errors have been corrected your data should display under the other total screens.

Tip Bucket 1.5.2

Released on 04.18.2010
This release fixed the Clock In and Save issues.

There have been reports about the Yearly, Monthly and Weekly totals pages. We have identified and fixed the issue. Expect an update in about a week.

The following issue has been addressed and fixed and the app store is awaiting review. Please check Facebook / Twitter for status updates.
    1. **Loading symbol when navigating to any of the totals screen.
    2. **This only affects current users and will not affect new users.

Tip Bucket 1.5.1

Released on 04.05.2010
This release fixed the repeating date issue within the totals section.

There has been several users reporting an issue with the Clock In time. This issue affects all previous releases so you must update to 1.5.2 when its released. This is another issue pertaining to the way the Clock In value is stored from the 1st thru the 9th of any month. You will be able to enter and save your data till the end of the month then you will need to update your release.

The following issue has been addressed and fixed and the app store is awaiting review. Please check Facebook / Twitter for status updates.
    1. Cannot change the Clock In time.

Tip Bucket 1.5

Released on 03.28.2010
Finally version 1.5 released!! The good news is, we've made a few enhancements, ready for the bad news?? We've found a few issues already.

Have no fear we have addressed the following issues and already submitted the update to the app store for review.
    1. Weekly Total Dates repeating
    2. If you enter a non numeric value in the following fields (Amount, Hours, TipOut) you will not be able to edit your entry
    3. The notes entry will save, but if you want to edit your notes entry, it will not pre-populate, you will need to re-enter

Tip Bucket 1.0

Released on 02.09.2010
There is an issue with release 1.0 that has been addressed and fixed with the upcoming update, version 1.5. A description of the issue: when saving a new tip entry, the entry will not appear on the current tips page, but if you navigate to the Totals page it will appear there. This is due to how the date is stored on your iPhone.

    1. Navigate to the Totals page and find your entry (it will be there)
    2. Edit the date portion of the entry by selecting a different date then setting the date back to the one originally selected

Tip Bucket 1.0

Released on 02.09.2010
You can follow all release updates here. If you should require assistance please feel free to contact us!

Tip Bucket 1.0

Released on 02.09.2010
  • Released first version of the Tip Bucket app for the service industry. Woohoo!!

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